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Resources added to Building CodeHub in June 2018

Added to Building CodeHub in June 2018 were some newly released publications from BRANZ including Appraisals, a Study Report, some factsheets on geothermal corrosion and articles from the latest Build magazine.

From MBIE, there are some new and amended Product Certificates (CodeMark), articles from the latest edition of Codewords (Codewords 84) and a new guide on altering an existing building.

BRANZ Appraisals

Appraisal 985: Metra Inter-Tenancy Wall System

Appraisal 993: Aqua-Proof WPM C3 Interior Waterproofing Membrane

Appraisal 1007: Just Insulation

Appraisal 1008: Just Underfloor Insulation

Appraisal 1009: Snug Insulation

Appraisal 1010: Snug Underfloor Insulation

Appraisal 1011: Greenwool Insulation

Appraisal 1012: Greenwool Underfloor Insulation

Appraisal 1020: Villaplast Torch on Roofing System

BRANZ Study Report

The effects of humidity on gypsum plasterboard used as lateral load bracings for buildings

BRANZ Factsheets

Geothermal corrosion 1: Metals sensitive to corrosion, June 2018

Geothermal corrosion 2: Distance effects of corrosion, June 2018

Geothermal corrosion 3: Discolouration of wood, June 2018

Geothermal corrosion 4: Performance of aluminium-zinc alloy coating, June 2018

Build articles

Building homes that work, Build 166 (2018)

Nailing the fit, Build 166 (2018)

The problem is quality, Build 166 (2018)

Up-Spec to go beyond minimum, Build 166 (2018)

Thermal movement in claddings, Build 166 (2018)

Barriers and covers to home pools and spas, Build 166 (2018)

Using the right stud height, Build 166 (2018)

In-line lean-to junction detail, Build 166 (2018)

BIM - looking beyond design, Build 166 (2018)

MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) - new and revised

AQ-180518-CMNZ Kingspan TEK Panel Building System

BCS-174218-CMNZ  Neoferma Swellseal MS

BCS-169918-CMNZ Kotahi Overclad Weatherboard System

CMA-CM40210-I01-R00 ModWood Technologies Pty Ltd - Wood Plastic Composite Decking and Screening

BCS-164618-CMNZ Newton System 500 (Basement Water Management System)

AQ-090318-CMNZ  Asphaltech Tanking System

AQ-070318-CMNZ Asphaltech Mastic Asphalt Roof Waterproofing and Paving System

BCS-1710118-CMNZ Ke Kelit VSH XPress GAS Fittings System

BCS-144618-CMNZ 'Waterproof Sealant' Liquid Applied Membrane System

GM-CM30030 Thermakraft Covertek 405

GM-CM30028 Thermakraft Covertek 407


CodeWords 84

The CodeMark product certification scheme in New Zealand and Australia

Saddle flashings to enclosed balustrade-to-wall junctions

Screw-type anchors for fixing bottom plates

When is a structure a vehicle or a building?

 MBIE Guide

Altering an existing building


Notification date: 4 July 2018