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Consultation on updating Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods - 2021 is now open

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is seeking your comment on proposals to amend selected Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods, providing an opportunity for the public and the building and construction sector to have their say on the proposed changes. The proposed changes aim to make homes and buildings warmer, drier and healthier, with less impact on our environment, while also bringing New Zealand more in line with international standards.

MBIE seeks your views on proposals for the following acceptable solutions and verification methods relating to Building Code clauses B1 Structure, E2 External Moisture, G7 Natural Light and H1 Energy Efficiency:

  • B1/AS1, B1/AS3, B1/VM1
  • E2/VM2
  • G7/AS1, G7/AS2, G7/VM1, G7/VM2
  • H1/AS1, H1/AS2, H1/VM1, H1/VM2, H1/VM3

The most significant proposed changes to the Building Code aim to:

  • increase the number of climate zones to 6 zones which will better reflect the weather that different parts of New Zealand experience
  • change the amount of insulation needed in homes and buildings across the country and vary depending on where the building is located
  • introduce a new verification method to ensure heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in commercial buildings are designed and installed to reduce the load on the national grid
  • ensure complex buildings over 3 stories, such as high rise buildings and apartments have enough natural light.

 Consultation opens on the 2021 Building Code update - 6 April 2021

 Find out more about the proposed changes and how to submit your feedback, please visit

 Building Code update 2021

The consultation period: Tuesday 6 April 2021 - Friday 28 May 2021.

Notification date: 6 April 2021