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Building CodeHub update - May 2019

The resources added to BCH in May 2019 include:
MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark), MBIE Determinations, CodeWords articles and BRANZ Appraisals.

The resources removed from BCH in May 2019:
Three withdrawn MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) and two withdrawn BRANZ Appraisals.

The following resources have been added to Building CodeHub:

MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) - new, re-issued and revised:

MBIE Determinations:

CodeWards articles - Issue 90:

BRANZ Appraisals - new, re-issued and amended:


The following resources have been removed from Building CodeHub:

MBIE Product Certificate (CodeMark) - withdrawn:

  • AQ-010116-CMNZ (Rev 1)  SUPER-STICK Building Tape
  • AQ-181017-CMNZ (Rev 1)  CosyWall® External Wall Cavity Insulation System
  • AQ-180518-CMNZ (Rev 1)  Kingspan TEK Panel Building System

BRANZ Appraisals - withdrawn:

  • Appraisal number 526 (2006)  Danpalon Polycarbonate Glazing System - Housing
  • Appraisal number 527 (2006)  Danpalon Polycarbonate Glazing System - Commerical

Notification date: 4 June 2019