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Building CodeHub update - April 2019

The resources added to BCH in April 2019 include:
MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark), CodeWords articles and the latest BRANZ publications: BUILD magazine articles, Bulletins, a Study report, Appraisals and a Building Basics Series document.

The resources removed from BCH in April 2019:
A suspended MBIE Product Certificate (CodeMark) and five withdrawn BRANZ Appraisals.

The following resources have been added to Building CodeHub:

MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) - re-issued, revised and new:

CodeWards articles - Issue 89:

BUILD articles:

 BRANZ Bulletins:

BRANZ Study report:

BRANZ Appraisals - new, re-issued and amended:

BRANZ Building Basics Series:

The following resources have been removed from Building CodeHub:

MBIE Product Certificate (CodeMark) - suspended:

  • BCS-173418-CMNZ  E-Build Prefabricated Masonry Wall, Floor and Roof Panel System

BRANZ Appraisals - withdrawn:

  • Appraisal number 318 (2005)  Bayonet Galvanised Wire Netting Stucco Plaster Reinforcement
  • Appraisal number 693 (2010)  Technobond Polyester Thermal Insulation
  • Appraisal number 795 (2012)  Masons Barricade Building Wrap
  • Appraisal number 825 (2013)  Technobond Polyester Underfloor Insulation
  • Appraisal number 999 (2018)  Pink® Batts® Polyester Insulation

Notification date: 1 May 2019