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Building CodeHub resources update - September 2019

The resources added to BCH in September 2019 include:
MBIE resources - New and amended Product Certificates (CodeMark). BRANZ resources - new and amended Appraisals and a new edition of the Level Sustainability Series document.

The resources removed from BCH in September 2019:
MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) - suspended and withdrawn. BRANZ Appraisals - withdrawn.

The following resources have been added to Building CodeHub:

MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) - new, re-issued and revised:

BRANZ Appraisals - new, re-issued and amended:

BRANZ Level Sustainability Series:

The following resources have been removed from Building CodeHub:

MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) - suspended:

  • 2011/01  The MCL Stucco Rite cavity wall cladding system

MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) - withdrawn:

  • CMA-CM40071(Rev1)  Gamma Bracing System
  • AQ-180615-CMNZ (Rev 3 - Sept17) J-Frame and J-Lintels
  • GM-CM30087-Rev A  POWERBUILD Suteki Wood System
  • BCS-150617-CMNZ  The AL Edge™, EZ Edge™ and Vent Edge™
  • SAIG-CM20070  Bentech Bentonite
  • BCS-167317-CMNZ  SuperCross Bracing SC4 and SC6 System supplied by Bracing Solutions Ltd
  • BCS-175018-CMNZ  CDK Neolith Panel on Sumner Tile System
  • BCS-172517-CMNZ  The MAXIMUM Porcelain Cladding System
  • BCS-156516-CMNZ  The JAGSTONE® Range of Permeable Pavers
  • AQ-11092018-CMNZ  MiTek Lumberlok Timber Connectors
  • AQ-171215-CMNZ (Rev3)  DINEX Building Design Method

BRANZ Appraisals - withdrawn:

  • Appraisal number 927 (2016)  FLASHINGSMATE Flashings
  • Appraisal number 585 (2016)  BlackSeal SB DPM Membrane
  • Appraisal number 887 (2015)  DryProof Under Tile External Waterproofing Membrane
  • Appraisal number 888 (2015)  DryProof Under Tile and Wet Area Internal Membrane
  • Appraisal number 894 (2015)  Dunlop Shelterseal 3000X Membrane

Notification date: 1 October 2019