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Building CodeHub resources update - March 2020

Resources added to BCH in March 2020 include:
MBIE resources – Product Certificates (CodeMark), a MultiProof Certificate and MBIE Guidelines. BRANZ resources - new and amended Appraisals.

Resources removed from BCH in March 2020:
Withdrawn MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) and withdrawn BRANZ Appraisals.

The following resources have been added to Building CodeHub:

MBIE Product Certificate (CodeMark):

MBIE MultiProof Certificates:

MBIE Guidelines:

BRANZ Appraisals - new, re-issued and amended:

The following resources have been removed from Building CodeHub:

MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) – withdrawn:

  • BCS-140615-CMNZ (Rev1.1)  The WETSUIT Liquid Applied Membrane System - for use on New & Existing Roofs & Decks
  • CM40244-I01-R01  Vitrabond FR Cladding System
  • CM40226-I01-R01  EuroClad Selekta
  • CM40259-I01-R00  Alucobond Plus Lap Joint System
  • AQ-160415-CMNZ  EcoKrete®
  • AQ-000214-CMNZ  SikaWrap Hex Structural Strengthening System

BRANZ Appraisalswithdrawn:

  • Appraisal number 495 (2016)  Roseburg Cedar-Tone Super Ply Cavity System
  • Appraisal number 687 (2017)  Fortress Bottom Plate Anchors
  • Appraisal number 909 (2016)  Sisalation® SureWrap® Roof Underlay
  • Appraisal number 910 (2016)  Sisalation® SureWrap™ Wall Underlay

Notification date: 5 April 2020