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Building CodeHub resources update - August 2018

The resources added to BCH in August 2018:
Newly released BRANZ fact sheets, new and amended BRANZ Appraisals, BRANZ external research reports, a BRANZ study report, a BRANZ design guide, BUILD magazine articles, an MBIE CodeWords article, new and revised MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark), ten newly released MBIE Determinations. A draft Standard has been released for public consultation.

The resources removed from BCH:
withdrawn BRANZ Appraisals and a BRANZ Bulletin, and a suspended MBIE Product Certificate (CodeMark)

The following resources have been added to Building CodeHub in August 2018:

BRANZ Fact Sheets:

BRANZ Appraisals - new and amended:

BRANZ External Research Reports:

BRANZ Study Report

BRANZ Design Guide:

 BUILD Articles

CodeWords article

MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) - new and revised

MBIE Determinations:

Draft for public comment


The following resources have been removed from Building CodeHub:

BRANZ Appraisals - Withdrawn

  • Appraisal number 845 (2014)  J-Lintel LVL Lintels
  • Appraisal number 901 (2015)  Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ HT-X Roof Underlay
  • Appraisal number 857 (2014)  Baritec Subsill Flashing System
  • Appraisal number 749 (2017) Hometech Fakro Roof Windows and Skylights

BRANZ Bulletin - Withdrawn:

  • BU458 Domestic fire protection

MBIE Product Certificates (CodeMark) - Suspended

  • BSC-130113-CMNZ-Ver14  The MagRoc Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) System with Plaster Based Finishing System




Notification date: 7 September 2018